Understanding Vine with the experience I had

Video sharing is a cool thing to do and Vine is something that makes it even better. Only recently I came across the term Vine. My first reaction about the application was what is the Vine, how can I use to make my social life more interesting and how effective it is with the popular YouTube around. And here is all I could gather about the application.

About Vine

Vine was launched initially in the June of 2012 by independent developers. Soon in October of the same year, the company was brought by the Twitter, making it a part of the Twitter’s esteemed set of applications.
The use of this particular application is similar to the way you would be using Twitter itself. It only supports short films of about 6 seconds in length. But the magic of this application is that it does not have to be a single 6 second video. Vine lets you take any small clippings of any particular moment and then add them up using this application to be posted on your website and Twitter account.

How to start up?

This is basically a mobile application, so you would be needing smartphone with iOS or Android platform. Personally, I have experience with the Android version and I am pretty unaware of the proper functioning other integrating features on this application. To start using, just download the application and log in with your Twitter account. This would save the time of filling up yet another registration form.
On the first view, it would be looking exactly like the Instagram application with a slightly changed theme. You will have the general homepage which would throw up the Vine post that your friends have posted. You will also be having the profile page which you can manage and set up according to your liking and to make it more personalized. The next thing to worry is the followers which are quite difficult to find for this application but that problem can be solved if buy vine followers.

Your first activity

This is very important and is a situation like the time when we first opened our facebook profile and did not know what to do with it. After I understood what is vine and how you can start using vine, I went to make my first post. then i buy vine followers It was quite an interesting experience. And the brilliance of the application helps to make that experience more comfortable. If are new to Vine, the application by itself guide you through all the process and steps with guidelines to make your first post something to remember.

I simply went to the posting page using the link on the homepage. The application then would ask you to touch and hold your screen for 1-2 seconds, this is the filming process and you would be needed to point at the object you would like to capture. Once you release, the application will again repeat the instructions till it gets a complete 6 second video. That was all you needed to do. Now the application, itself will create your first Vine and just take your confirmation to post it on your behalf.

After you understand what is Vine. Since my first experience, it has been a great companion to share short videos about parties, hangouts, emotion messages and on other topics. Vine has made expressing thoughts more interesting for me.

A video as short as 6 seconds can do wonders!

Vine was introduced in June 2012 and soon taken up by twitter in October 2012. Since its inception, vine has attracted over 40 million users. It is a one of the most used video sharing service and has been a favorite of many businessman and professional. You can connect your facebook or twitter account to it and share the short videos in these sites as well.

I have also been a benefactor of vine. It has not only helped me publicize my brand but also increased my sales. Yes for that I had to buy vine followers for that but that was worth an investment because I it compensated when my sales increased.

Brevity is a plus factor

Though the videos that can be shared cannot exceed 6 seconds, the brevity does more good than a long video does. Short videos are accessible by any one and at anytime and so people will not mind watching them. It will definitely not make a great video in 6 seconds but I did not require any cinematography skills either to record a decent video.

It is an easy process

Recording video on is simple here. All you need to do is touch the screen while recording a hold it till recording is over and you can take it off while pausing. The video can be recorded using nonstop motion feature which allows you to shoot innovative animated shots. Addition features include ghost and grid image tools for the in-app camera and curated channels. Vine comes with this feature of “revine” which is similar to re-tweet. The more you buy vine followers, the more chances to get revine.

The personal upfront

I own cookery schools where many types of dishes are taught ranging from Italian to Indian. Initially I had 2 branches with few students but now I have opened 2 more. Vine helped me go a long way. I made short videos on the various dishes that were taught and made sure to highlight the garnishing part. The editing part was also done by vine editor. It made my dishes look more savoring. I connected my account to twitter and soon got likes and likes and followers.

In order to gather more people viewing your videos and enjoy more exposure you need to buy vine followers. This helps your videos display wide number of audience that already like your content and enhances your visibility and popularity on the site, thereby increasing the traffic to the videos. Generating more traffic means you will get priority in the search engine. Besides that it increases the authenticity and credibility of your videos.

Engage clients

Buying vine followers helped me engage with many clients who could not reach my school. Later I started online teaching classes for my dishes for these clients. Also I made videos on the interactive classes that the students had and complied videos made on the reviews of the students. Always make an attempt to educate the audience with fascinating facts and information. Do not frown from the idea of buying vine followers as there is no risk that follows.

How you can increase followers on Vine without buying them

There have been many video sharing social networking sites but none of them has yet been able to make a mark. Vine is the latest video sharing app. It is backed by twitter, which is a very popular social networking site. Vine was launched on June 2012, and just prior to its launch, it had been acquired by twitter. Even though it is quite new in the world of social networks, due to the backing of twitter, it has already established itself as one of the leading video sharing social networking sites. This app is exclusively for mobiles and it allows uploading videos of maximum length of 6 seconds. Like every other social networking sites, Vine also has options for people to like and follow each other. I am going to tell you how you can increase followers on Vine instead of having to buy Vine followers.

Reason for popularity

The main reason for the growth in popularity of Vine is the fact that it offers a fresh and innovative content to the users. Sometimes it is not possible to express your thoughts or activities just through a picture. You can say a lot more through videos. I personally feel short videos are more captivating and interesting than a mere photo. I can express my thoughts and activities more clearly with the help of a video. It also allows space for creativity. Some people might feel that the short time limit of the video might be a shortcoming, but I personally feel that it adds to the charm and creativity. Most people might not find the time to go through a lengthy video, but everyone will find time to go through a six second video.


Just like any other social networking sites, the number of followers you have plays an important role in determining the number of viewers you get for your videos. At first when I joined Vine, I found it quite hard to acquire followers. But then I learnt that I can easily buy Vine followers in exchange of money. There are many companies available online who can help you to buy followers for vine. Even though the followers are real, but the increase in the number of followers boosted my viewers list.

Vine can be used to share videos from real life. You can show your creative skills through your videos. You can also post a funny video or an educational video. I have a music band of my own and I use Vine to promote my band. I upload teasers to our next upcoming songs. I have found that Vine has helped to increase the fan base of our band. The best thing is that the videos uploaded through Vine can be easily uploaded in the other social networking sites.


Before you go and spend money and buy Vine followers, keep in mind that Vine is still in its infancy and growing stage, and hence it has not reached people like the other social networking sites. Also it is not available for all platforms on the mobile OS.